Books Reviews 

A Note About Reviews

I score books on a seven point scale 1–7. I try and have these correspond to:

7. A masterpiece

6. Very good

5. Good not great. 

4. Could take or leave it

3. Bad but not terrible

2. Without any literary value

1. Actively impeded my development of a human

Sometimes I'll go back and change my rating later based if I find a book has made more of an impact on me than was immediately apparent. Most books I read get above a 4 on my scale. This is no accident —  I try to read good books. If you do don't agree with my rating about a particular book and you have read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. I can be reached at

Taking Recommendations

A few years ago I stopped picking my own reading. Left to my own judgement I would choose books from a narrow set of favored genres. While I enjoy reading per se, I also use it as a means of self-improvement, and I was stagnating by reading such a limited selection of books. Now, I get my reading almost exclusively though recommendations.

I take books and I put them on the books "to read" list, then I work my way through the list. Generally, I am looking for unsolicited recommendations made directly to me. However, these criteria are flexible; sometimes I will take generalized or solicited recommendation. Through trial and error I found a few truths:

To combat the aforementioned problems, I have a few rules for taking recommendations:

So far with these rules, I've been extremely pleased with the results. I have encountered books that I would never have thought to pick up on my own.