I am not precisely sure what Mucifer is but I suspect he is a Devil's Foot plant. While they may be toxic, he's certainly not toxic looking. That adorable Calico coloring is something to marvel at. Muci enjoys water and listening to music.

King Gorgomon

King Gorgomon is a snake plant. The former self proclaimed, King of the Plants, he was defeated in his re-election bid by Krungo. In his retirement, King Gorgomon enjoys sunlight and plotting revenge. King Gorgomon is also notable for living in the largest pot I have.


Krungo (seen here with his son Krungo Jr.) is a whale fin plant. Krungo was surrendered to us by Oskar in 2023.  Later that here, he would be elected King of the Plants, running on a platform of having the largest leaf. When asked for comment, he simply said "Krungo."


Perry is a Madagascar Periwinkle. He is quite the prankster, frequently growing flowers in a single day and surprising me.  He seems to do uniquely well in the indoor environment. Even in the winter, as everyone else seems to be shutting down for the year, he continues to produce new leaves and the occasional flower. During his two years with us, Perry has grown from a single flower to the massive creature shown. We are lucky to have Perry with us.

Mr. Pokee

Mr. Pokee (right) is a cactus of some sort. Like Laura (R.I.P), he was a rescue in 2021. While he can be a quiet fellow and has some anxiety about physical touch, he has a good heart.


Cassie, short for Cassandra, is a Coffee Plant, Coffea Arabica. She was a gift from my friend Sarah in 2021. She is still pretty young and hasn't started producing beans yet, but we don't mind because she is just so pretty.

Paul and Linda

Paul and Linda are both succulents. They have been paired since 2021 and share a common love of music and light. While they currently sit in oversized pots, the hope is for them to grow to between 150 and 200 kgs.  I concede that this is an optimistic hope.


Planty is a snake plant, Dracaena trifasciata. She joined us in 2021. She is very low maintenance and enjoys hanging out in the shade.


Brutus is an aloe vera plant, Aloe barbadensis miller. He was a gift from my friend Erin in 2021. Despite his name, Brutus is quite friendly. He is particularly good friends with Cassie.